Praise for The Ghost with Trembling Wings



"Part history, part adventure story (with Weidensaul starring as a kind of ecological-minded Indiana Jones, roaming the world in search of missing species) . . . By turns harrowing and elegiac, thrilling and informative. Weidensaul demonstrates his ability to both communicate the startling marvels of nature he has observed firsthand and to regale us with tales of scientific derring-do plucked from the annals of natural history."

Michiko Kakutani, New York Times


"Scott Weidensaul ranks among an elite group of writer-naturalists -- Bruce Chatwin, John McPhee and David Quammen come to mind -- whose straightforward eloquence elevates ecology to the level of philosophy . . [the book] is vividly eclectic but somehow always unified . . . Weidensaul comes across as the kind of guy you wish you'd had as a professor in college: expert, eloquent, unpretentious and infectiously excited about his material."

Janice P. Nimura, Los Angeles Times


"A splendid collage of tales involving hard-headed persistence, persistent hard-headedness, foolhardiness and sheer derring-do, often in the face of conditions -- bad records and bad roads, civil unrest and uncivil swarms of insects -- that would keep sane people at home."

Janet Lembke, Raleigh News & Observer


"[Weidensaul's] voice and style are reminiscent of Loren Eisley, with a passion for adventure akin to Indiana Jones. On one level, Ghost is a scientific travelogue, taking readers to new corners of the world . . . Moreover, it is an 11th-hour exploration of the human species' conflicting desires for wild places and wild animals, and for taming nature . . . Loaded with intriguing science, admonishment, despair, and a glimmer of hope and giddy obsession."

Steve Kennedy, Bloomsbury Review


"A virtuoso presentation that can be dizzying, even exhausting, yet in this it reflects the wild world as Weidensaul found it."

Robert Winkler, Christian Science Monitor