Praise for Of a Feather


"Delightful...Weidensaul writes with the ease of someone who is confident that the story he's recounting will hold our attention."

New York Times Book Review


"Continuing his run of quality nature writing, Weidensaul offers an engrossing survey of American birding from Colonial times until today...Engagingly told, Weidensaul's rich "brief history" is much more than brief. Highly recommended."

Library Journal


"From pioneer "shotgun ornithologists" prowling the untamed wilderness, to modern-day digital birders with high-tech gadgets, bird study in America has spanned four centuries of amazing developments.  Scott Weidensaul, one of our greatestSummer tanager (©Scott Weidensaul) nature writers and a keen birder himself, has captured this pursuit in an eminently readable history.  Of a Feather is at once concise and comprehensive, wacky and philosophical, as colorful and multi-faceted as the subject itself."

Kenn Kaufman, author of Kaufman Field Guide to Birds


"Weidensaul's vivid descriptions of his own experiences should send many a reader out of doors to look for "the small, contained miracle that is a bird."

Publisher's Weekly


"Highly readable, ideal for bird lovers and history buffs alike."

Kirkus Reviews


"Weidensaul is a charming don't have to be a birder to enjoy this look at one of today's fastest-growing (and increasingly competitive) hobbies."

Arizona Republic